A Constitutional Amendment

Proposed at the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Society was an amendment to the Society Constitution. In keeping with that Constitution, it is hereby announced that an online vote to approve or reject that amendment will be held from 25 July to 1 August 2017; a link to a Google Form will be emailed to the membership as the ballot.

In advance of that ballot, however, the text of the proposed amendment:

At the AGM in 2018, the Society will elect Office-Holders to the following terms: the President for three years, the Vice-President (At-large) and the Secretary for two years, and the Vice-President (USA) for one year. After the terms beginning at the end of the 2018 AGM, the terms of office will resume their regular three-year duration.
The Social Media Officer’s term of office, having already been offset, is unaffected, but will be opened for election alongside the next election of the Vice-President (USA).
Hereafter, appointments or special elections to office made to fill resignations or other removals from office will extend only until the end of the regular term of office thereby filled.

Your consideration and response are appreciated.

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