The Tales After Tolkien Society formed after two eponymous sessions at the 2013 Kalamazoo International Medieval Congress. The original sessions focussed on the medievalisms of twenty-first century fantasy literature, but the society expands on this to include all popular genres, including but not limited to: fantasy, science fiction, westerns, romance, horror, crime, historical, children’s and young adult fiction, and cross-genre writing. The Tales After Tolkien Society recognizes the foundational place J. R. R. Tolkien’s work has not only for the fantasy genre, but for popular medievalisms far more widely.

Statement of Priorities

1. To establish and support a community of individuals, both scholars and non-scholars, who are interested in popular culture genres and medievalism.
2. To provide a forum for discussion of medievalism and popular culture genres through the Society blog and Facebook page.
3. To support scholarship on medievalism and popular culture by organizing themed conference panels at international conferences in North America and elsewhere, and by publishing such scholarship on the Society blog, and in edited volumes.
4. To provide networking opportunities for scholars and authors/creators of contemporary medievalisms both on and off-line.
5. To promote the work of members through presentation, publication and publicity via Society forums.

Mission Statement

We aim to promote scholarship exploring any and all ways in which popular fiction genres engage with the Middle Ages. What does ‘medieval’ mean in different genres? Why and how does it change or stay the same? How are contemporary social and cultural concerns connected with medieval material in genre writing? Do genre conventions impact the ways we re-make the Middle Ages? The Tales After Tolkien Society aims to connect scholars and build a community of those working on medievalisms in genre literature, and to promote their work.


Find the Society Constitution here.

Membership, Mailing List, and Contact Information

Membership is free, and is open to anyone who is interested in the medievalisms of twenty-first century popular genre fictions. Please contact Helen Young for information and to be added to our mailing list talesafterolkien@gmail.com.